About Me

My name is Dez, I go by the artist name of Loveartpix. I am a family man born and raised in the city of Manchester

A creative artist, diagnosed with bipolar in my late twenty’s & in the more recent years autism. I am very strong on breaking the stigma around mental illness and helping others.

I use art as my own personal therapy and coping strategy daily. I believe that many other people with mental health illnesses and in general could also benefit from expressive art and I want to help promote this. 

I started using a free editing app on my phone one day when I was in a state of mania and found it helped me focus on one individual subject. This eventually became a pattern to which I turned to daily and I believe it helps me channel my thoughts into one subject and not go down a rabbit hole of negativity. 

I feel that creating art and editing on my phone has gave me a tool which really helps me stabilise my fluctuating moods or something to turn to when this happens.

I am a strong believer in helping others and have helped raise money by donating artwork to many different charities. Through my art donations I have built up many good relationships with different organisations and also become an advocate for the NSPCC.

I Am very proud that my Manchester ‘Bees about town’ collection is a permanent fixture on show to the public at oxford road train station and I have other artwork throughout the city centre with more to come. 

Away from art I am strong on self education and mindfulness. My mental health condition & autism play a strong part in my life so I try to mange this with positive thinking, structure and patterns.

Art has always been a passion of mine but I’ve only in the past couple of years really taken time and focussed on it and realised the positive affect it has on my mental health. I am self taught which makes having my art on display at such places as Oxford Road Train Station and Heaton Park, Manchester even bigger to me. I have a lot of ideas I want to try but abstract art is what I really love.

I have come in contact with so many amazing people through my artwork it has really helped change my life. Although I don’t get out a lot due to my condition, knowing my art is reaching so many places gives me great satisfaction and gives me a real sense of self worth – especially knowing it helps others.

With my art it all depends on the mood that I am in what the outcome will be. I like it to feel organic but I like to put multiple messages & subliminal meanings in a lot of my work. I create a lot of pieces on current topics and try to give a different spin on them. Being a proud Mancunian a lot of my art is Manchester focussed.

I feel very blessed to have found art and not only is it my passion it is my lifeline which I use in my daily life to help with my condition. 

I hope I haven’t bored you and thank you for reading this far. 

If you have any enquiry’s please feel free to contact me via email or on any of my social media links.