Blog image: AI RevolutionEach individual image on this picture (except 1) was AI generated as an experiment to see what I could create. 

From editing photos to creating pop-art style pictures on Picsart, my journey has been one of continuous organic growth, adapting many different styles. Since I am self-taught and use art as a means of expression and emotional regulation, I’ve never really stuck to one style. Instead, I explore a range of styles to convey my different emotions.

Currently, I am collaborating with the education sector of Picsart on a project that has the potential to be life-changing for many people. As part of this process, I’ve been exploring the AI capabilities of the app, which has been truly mind-blowing to say the least.

Playing around with the AI features of the Picsart App, which I hadn’t delved into before, I am realising its huge game-changing potential. While I’ve always understood that AI would revolutionise the creation of art and raise questions about it, it wasn’t until I started experimenting with it that I truly grasped its full impact.

Being Autistic I struggle with change, and even the slightest disruption in my daily routine can trigger a meltdown, depending on my mood. I’ve been using Picsart for many years, relying on certain features to create high-quality images and express myself during emotional distress. Now, exploring this new aspect of the app (im not going to lie) has triggered sensory overload and a couple of meltdowns, as I realise it has maximised my creative potential, sending my mind into overdrive.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gradually familiarised myself with it, as it’s a lot for me to process. However, I’m starting to adapt to it more, especially due to its simplicity. Even as I write this, my brain is racing about how I can utilise it to create even better art and incorporate it into my projects.

I definitely understand the uncertainty that AI brings to the creative world, considering the amazing results it can generate from small prompts. Personally, as an artist with a creative mind, I see it as an opportunity to open new doors. The world is changing rapidly, and this is just another aspect of that change.

If you perceive AI as a problem, then it will appear as such, as people tend to avoid things they see as problematic. However, if you view it as a tool that can enhance your creativity and adapt it to your vision as a creator, then the possibilities are truly endless.