Over the past couple of years I have been nominated for numerous awards, six in all! These have included: 

  • 2022 This is Manchester Awards – Rising Star / Emerging Talent
  • 2023 Genius Within – Neurodivergent Achiever of the Year
  • 2023 Autism Hero Awards – Creative Arts & Media
  • 2023 This is Manchester Awards – The Dianne Oxberry Special Impact Award
  • 2023 This is Manchester Awards – Individual Making a Difference in the Community

To be nominated for an award (something I have never experienced in the past) for me has always felt like a win in itself, so to receive so many in such short time has been surreal. To win the Autism Hero awards late 2023 for Arts and Media really did finish of the year for me. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the Awards event as the latter part of the year is always hard for me so travelling to London (even though planned) became to much and had to be cancelled last minute. These things happen and I have learned to accept them – doesn’t mean it’s easy and it can be upsetting! 

This year has started off full speed ahead which hasn’t been easy both in my personal life with my dog passing away and different therapies and assessments, but also with my art career too. 

To then receive a nomination for the National Diversity Award for Positive Role Model Award for Disability was a big shock. 

I have never been in a public vote award situation before so it’s new grounds for me. I don’t have so many followers on social media so no way to do I expect to win, but being a nominees for such a prestigious award is a win in itself. One thing that is different with the public vote is that I have had the privilege of reading the comments which has been very moving and emotional. 

I have accomplished so many goals since having an understanding of my condition and turning my focus to art but my mind never stops so I rarely get chance to acknowledge or even realise what I have achieved – this isn’t on purpose but just the way my mind works. Reading so many comments together from people from all different parts of my journey has definitely been very overwhelming.

After winning my Autism Hero Award last year, I didn’t write a blog as I normally would but it was a very stressful time of the year and I didn’t get round to it. I felt it a good time to add it to my accomplishments via my blogs now, given that I have been nominated for another award.

I just wanted to thank everyone that has nominated me in the past, to the judges who have chosen me and now all the people who have taken the time to vote and comment for this new award. 

Reading the comments have spurred me on to keep doing what I am doing and tell me that I am on the right path.. Thank you.

If anyone would like to drop me a vote for this award, please click the link below.