I was messaged by an old friend who had recently seen an image which I had created & then played with a quote I thought fit & then posted it all with both the before & after pictures. Vanessa is a primary school teacher in an area not to far from where I live & she had asked if she could use the pictures what I had created as a topic to speak with her pupils – to which I was more than happy with her to do.

here Is the amazing response that I received from Vanessa –

I saw the quote, “I don’t think outside of the (phone) box, I think of what I can do with the (phone) box” and it made me think about it for most of the day.

I thought that it would be perfect to display in my Year 1 classroom as it relates to the behaviour for learning that we promote.  We talk a lot about our ‘growth mindset’ and continuing to strive to do our best. If something is difficult, try a different way to reach the end goal; work together.  If something can be improved and you can improve it, go for it.  Most importantly:  believe in yourself!  

I teach a Year One class with children aged 5 and 6.  I showed the children the quote and then we looked at the original picture and the ‘after’ picture that Dez had added the colour too.  I asked the children one question: ‘What do you see?’  The responses are:

  • you can make something better.
  • think outside the box because if you think inside the box, it might get too dark.
  • it’s better in the light.
  • do something wonderful.

I asked my class which picture they preferred, the plain phone box or the one that was updated and they all chose the ‘after’ picture.  Their reasons why:

  • the rainbow makes me smile (most of the class said this).
  • I like the bee.
  • the colours are bright.
  • the paint splat is beautiful.

Only one child had seen a real phone box, outside of a restaurant when they went for a meal.  

By talking about the difference that the colour had made to the phone box, they felt that it was now more inviting, colourful. and “brighter”.  We talked about how we can link this to our own learning.  Just how Dez changed the original phone box, we too can change things for the better.