It was great to finally meet Margot (Harry’s daughter) Sheila (Harry’s widow) and Julie (The British Normandy Memorial Trust) on Friday.

It was just after Harry Billinge MBE Ldh had passed this year (see blog ) that Margot messaged to tell me The British Normandy Memorial Trust was going to fly up both her and her mum up from Cornwall to meet me to see my art tribute I had created in honour of Harry at the Nags Head pub in Manchester.

This was yet a again a huge honour for me.

Since I first made contact with Harry’s family I have stayed in contact with Margot and we have become good friends. Since his passing I have also become friends with Julie from the trust and decided to carry on with my art donations to help raise monies.

All smiles, great to finally meet.. Margot & Myself

I met Sean (The landlord of The Nags Head) and we waited for Julie and her partner to pick pick up Sheila and Margot from the airport.

Margot, Sheila, Sean, Myself infront of Harry

Margot brought me a present which was a photo of the Train which was named after Harry in 2020, something he was very proud of – – This was a lovely thing to do and will be going up in my house.

It was quite an emotional afternoon for all of us I feel and some tears was shed.

Hopefully I can continue my relationship with Julie and the Trust and continue to raise money the way I think Harry would of wanted. Rest in peace Harry Billinge, you was a real hero.

Sheila & Harry