Autism Awareness needs to be taken more seriously

I created this image after coming near to a mental break. The image i feel is very clear – banging your head against a brick wall. The bullet points are from an email from my GP in regards to a complaint i have raised about my treatment – i screen shotted it from the actual email.

I have been repeatedly let down by the system over & over again throughout the years & now i am passed back to my GP who clearly has very little knowledge on my condition (i wont go into the complaint on this as it will trigger me more) nor takes autism awareness seriously as its not mandatory – but it fills me with joy that he will consider it *sigh*

How can things ever change for the better if my local GP wont train the staff up on autism awareness – note he is a GP Partner & Mental Health lead! If his answer is it isnt mandatory then i feel the government needs to make a change. I also feel as a practice manager who also quotes ‘my approach to every consultation is to provide a high standard of care & to act in the best interest of my patients health’ should back this up & want to educate his staff on autism (& neurodiverse conditions) & not just consider it!!

Everyday is a battle & it makes it twice as hard when you are dismissed or clearly shunned. The very system you turn to creates more stress & issues because they dont treat you as an individual case but rather a tick box.

There needs to be big changes. Education & research around neurodiverse conditions needs to be upped in the pecking order or more people will needlessly continue to take their lives. Its very deflating when the Partner & the Mental Health lead of a Practice says he is ’only’ happy to consider giving his staff training on these conditions that affect so many – these are the people we go to for help!

The pandemic clearly has had an impact on treatment, but i have been in the system for the best part of 2 decades & its the same problems & repeated patterns of not listening or communication issues – even my late diagnosis is due to not listening, resulting in years of mistreatment i believe.

What are your views on this topic & have you had any simIlar issues? Please feel free to comment below.

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February 25, 2022

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