Bees About Town (Collection)

The Bees About Town was my very first artwork that I created & felt that I really wanted to put out & share with the world.

I wanted to create art that was colourful, shown iconic parts of Manchester & also the Manchester Bee. The worker Bee symbolises the Mancunian hard work ethics, unity & the city being a hive of activity.
In the 7 pictures I have created in this collection, the Bees represent Mancunians going about their daily life as it fits into each image.

Being my first collection, the Bees About Town artwork means a lot to me & I learned a lot creating it. This artwork can be seen at Oxford Train station, Manchester on platform 6 (& thoughout the station) & has now made it to different parts of the world due to receiving such a positive response on social media – reaching places as far as Dallas, Texas, USA.

Bee Intoxicated (Pictured above)
I chose The Old Nags Head because it is such an unique pub in Manchester which pays tribute to the rich culture of the city with its 1000s of iconic photos which are all over the walls which give it a true sense of Mancunian spirit. Sean, the Pub landlord is very active in keeping the cities ‘love’ alive with his warm hospitality & also supporting many up & coming bands & letting charities host events at the venue – where I myself first met him.
The Bees About Town, Bee Intoxicated image can be found in the front window of the pub.

TROF Bees..The Northern Quarter is still a leading area for culture in Manchester.
Mancunian Grafta’ Bees..Iconic places in Manchester.
Bee’n to the Movies..Iconic images of Manchester revamped & kept alive.
Busy Bees..This image I created to show how Manchester is constantly changing & leads with the times but still knows it’s roots & history.
22 Bees..This image was created as a tribute to the 22 people who died in the Manchester bombing.
Bee Love.. I created this to show how Manchester is a diverse city & like to spread the love.

All of the ‘Bees About Town’ collection are printed onto glass & now have added resin to them to bring off the glass & add extra colour & depth. This has been a gradual progression & has felt organic as I am learning as I go along.

This is the ‘Bee Love’ print with added resin. For some of the collection I have added clear resin droplets across the glass which gives it the affect of rain – as it always rains in Manchester.
Some of the Collection on display at Oxford Road Station, Manchester.

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September 30, 2021


  1. Lona

    What a wonderful tribute to Manchester. Your dedication to your artwork is incredible, you should be very proud of yourself!
    I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!! 🐝🐝🐝

    • Loveartpix

      Thank you Lona, I hope I can keep coming up with fresh ideas and concepts ❤️🐝

  2. Kay Emsley

    What a fantastic idea which you bring to life beautifully.
    I’m proud to have taught you Desmond , ( albeit at the age of 7)
    Bee sure to carry on with this work , it’s fabulous.

    • Loveartpix

      Thank you.. one of my favourite teachers ❤️


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