Behind the Mask

Behind every mask there is a face, & behind that a story – Marty Rubin

So this one is a personal image that I wanted to create on ‘mental health’ to show some of my background & my history through a simple yet powerful picture.

Mental health Is clearly a massive issue & a very complex topic. My goal was to create an image of some of the words, phrases or negative things that people have said to me which show how they have had a huge impact on me & my mental health which I keep behind my mask.

The face represents the feeling of what i have learned to mask over the years & still do daily. I remember every single comment & sentence i have used in this image – 5 minutes off the top of my head. A lot of the comments & words are by close family members, friends & even healthcare professionals never mind complete strangers. The earliest on this image go back to when i was around 4 years old.

Obviously these words will have had a big affect on my mental health (as they would with anybody) & i think also contribute in a big way to my diagnosed condition.

I created this image to express how i was feeling today as some of the words/sentences i have used have affected me more so than normal this weekend – so i wanted to express myself through my art as it works like my therapy & a coping strategy.


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February 28, 2021

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