“Demon Hand, Buddha Heart”

The quote “Demon hand, Buddha heart” is often used in various contexts, including martial arts and spiritual teachings. It expresses the idea that outward appearances can be deceptive, and that true intentions and inner qualities matter more than their external actions.

The term “Demon hand” refers to skill, power, or actions that may appear aggressive or harmful on the surface. It represents the outward manifestation of one’s abilities or capabilities, which can be formidable and even fearsome.

On the other hand, “Buddha heart” symbolises compassion, wisdom, and inner goodness. It represents the true nature and intentions of an individual, emphasising their inner qualities and the kindness they possess.

When combined, the quote suggests that even if someone’s actions or abilities may seem aggressive or negative, their true nature is characterised by compassion. It reminds us to look beyond appearances and judge others based on their inner qualities and intentions.


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April 4, 2024

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