Since my Autistic diagnosis last year & having a crash course into understanding the neurodivergent world it has been a real rollercoaster.

I try to articulate my findings to people in a simplistic way as i learn & understand more about the complex condition. Some things i feel are very straight forward – how patterns/routines, straight forward communication etc help.

I struggle when people dont seem to grasp the simple things which have such an impact on daily life. Sometimes i feel like no matter how much i explain or how open i am with my feelings (as hard & stressful as that can be) people cant even grasp it. I come across dismissive comments all the time which only add to the daily struggles & these are the things i fight to hopefully change.

I read something which i thought was really to the point the other day & wish more people would take this on board – A change that can seem minor or insignificant to a neurotypical person can feel HUGE & overwhelming to an autistic person. Please forget about your neurotypical perspective here. It doesnt apply.

I created this image as a reflection of how i feel a lot of the time.


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May 24, 2022

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