Manchester.. A hive of creativity

In this image I just wanted to play around & give the feeling of Manchester being on the edge of creativity. I depicted myself looking at my laptop sat on the edge of a tall building creating an image with rainbows of colours splashing out representing the amount of creativity flowing when i come to create a new piece of art. I added the bees flying below myself to show the connection to Manchester. I also wanted this picture to represent being on the edge when I am in a manic state & how I use my time to create & channel the raw emotion & rushing feelings into art. Without this outlet in these manic times I dread to think where my focus would go as I have been in some very dark places before & come close to loosing my life through it more times than id like to admit. ART & creativity is that important to me..


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September 17, 2020

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  1. Jodie

    Love this…


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