My Rome

I created this ‘poem’ during a negative manic period (on the edge of a meltdown) when I fixate on death – this is & has been a reoccurring mindset since a child.

I was in the thought process of ‘if I die’ & never get to teach my son the things I feel are important, I wanted to leave him some words to read when he is older that may help him in that event. 

This may seem macabre to some people, but I see it as a logic positive. Death is inevitable & is part of life – this is something I accept. I feel the way I look at death has a very robotic approach – very common in autism I believe.

I find writing about it difficult as there is no interaction & my thoughts & views are vast & I struggle where to start & I don’t want to trigger a meltdown – however I could talk about it all day.

I don’t think this is a good poem or even great phrasing of words. However I do feel they are a positive reflection of my emotions/thoughts & have good intent so I wanted to document them.


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February 16, 2022

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