1. Dale harrison

    Simple but brilliant and explains peoples mindset across the world always trying to reset and better ourselves. People just need to love and except themselves.

    • Loveartpix

      Thanks you..

      The beauty of art is everyone’s perception and understanding of it. This is a very simple piece and when I created it my feeling was that ‘this isn’t how the world should be’. It needs to be reset (rebooted) and started again. Not that it’s a strong negative piece, but more of the way I see it from a factual point – all the lies, deceit, deception etc which is more apparent now than ever.
      Your view I would say is more of a positive outlook, which I love! Its why I always ask people their views on my art as I feel it tells me more about them than me. This speaks volumes about your character and your positivity – which knowing you, is very true.

      Keep shining my friend and thanks for looking through my gallery ❤️🙏🏽


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