The experiment called Life

I recently had to have an eye test and after they photographed my eye I asked if I could take a photo so I could potentially use it in a future piece of art.

I used the photo of my eye as the womb for a baby growing. My idea for this is that a lot of what we think starts off with our sight and vision to which you could say is where our thoughts are born. What you read, what you see, largely gives birth to how you view life.

I put the womb in space which I like to reference a lot in my art as I feel it is effectively all around and inside us. I added the depiction of Christ and the symbol for Allah to reference the influence that these have on us from birth and what is waiting for the new born baby. The image of the grey alien faded into the background whilst touching both of the religious image is me symbolising the idea of the divine or a higher knowledge and also the unknown which at some point in life we all wonder about and question.

To the bottom right of the picture are the Pyramids of Giza. The ancient pyramids of Egypt to me, represent life and its mysteries and no matter how much we think we know, we actually don’t know a lot – the ignorance of man. The pyramids have always fascinated me and how little we actually know of something that has been around for 1000s of years. Looking to the left side of the grey aliens face you can see the star constellation of Orion’s belt which crops up throughout history and is said in ancient writings (and even some cultures today believe it) to be the source of where mankind originates from.

The hand picking up the test tubes is to indicate how throughout our lives that we are basically experimenting and life is one big experiment. The DNA strands, equations, atoms binary numbers are all present which are part of our genetic make up as we know, these are then understanding of our world and make the space around us. Inside the baby I put an image of the God particle to show that we are all special and need to remember this. We all have the gift of life and to create in some form or another – to create, is to give life.

I like that all this came from having an eye examination and led to all these ideas and a new piece of art – featuring my eye. Obviously there is a lot more depth put into these thoughts as I am creating these images but I struggle to put a lot of it into words. Some of these topics I have touched on in this image I have far more views on but I think if I tried to put it all into words it would send me into a manic state which I try to avoid.

What did you see when you first looked at this image? Also what are your thoughts after my explanation? Please leave a comment as I would love to hear your views 🙂


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March 26, 2021

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  1. Toni Riddick

    An open world 🌎


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