Unfamiliar Territory

I wanted to create a surreal image which reflected how I feel, and think many others do at this moment with the way society is heading in these coming months. So many huge changes leaves a feeling of dread.

The ‘PEEP’ admission ticket to represent how it feels like one big show. The phone call showing the conversation and expressing fear whilst averting her eyes. The sign showing off all different countries and that it is going on everywhere. 

The stormy sky with the water above to represent confusion. The meteor piercing through the water into the sky below heading towards the symbol which is the metaphor for earth. This is to show an impending catastrophe. 

The cloudy space above with lighting striking down to represent the storm is on its way. The shaft of light coming from above as if a saviour for the lady but she is in-fact upside down which symbolises the lies and the untruths which people blindly follow without critical thinking.

How do you feel about this image? How do you feel about the life at the moment?


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September 20, 2022

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