What use is sight without vision

I created this picture when I was feeling very stressed which I often feel when trying to explain myself & nobody understands.

I feel that people come to me with their problems/issues as I am very understanding & I use logic & rational thinking to process them. 

I struggle daily & most times do not tell anybody as I know my condition isn’t straight forward & people find it hard to understand – even when I explain my feelings very clearly. What adds to this situation is when people go against what I say or don’t believe what i am saying. 

It’s hard enough trying to understand my condition myself & be open about it without it being doubted or questioned & in some cases mocked.

In this image I represented myself as the full red figure struggling to carrying the four other figures on my back. 
My character has two eyes & can see what is going on all around while the four just have the one eye and vision is limited.
In the background I show demonic masks all around whilst I carry the others on my back protecting them who can’t see them.
I gave the picture an African tribal look so I used African demon masks in the background to keep in the theme.

This picture was organic in nature & I let my feelings thoughts come out through the image.


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July 14, 2022

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  1. Kay

    As usual brilliantly explained. And your artwork adding to the whole story. People who know you do understand , but like everything in life sometimes say the wrong words – without thinking, but always with the right intentions. Life is a bitch at times…..


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