It’s funny how life has a way of bringing people into your life when you least expect it..
What started as a social media meeting of like minds has become a friendship offering opportunities for us all to collaborate & change lives! Lisa & Toni had recently approached me to see if I would be interested in supporting the children’s charity Ronald McDonald House through my artwork. For those of you who have not heard about this amazing charity it provides free home from home accommodation for families of very sick children in specialist hospitals around the world. Manchester is blessed to have one such house at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, after opening its doors 8 years ago! It costs over £8 million a year to operate the Charity’s core services across the UK & the impact of COVID-19 on fundraising has been huge! The main fundraiser for the Manchester House has always been the annual Gala Dinner, quite possibly the best charity ball in Manchester, famed for it’s imaginative themes & it’s ability to embrace all that makes Manchester the uniquely vibrant City that it is! This year the Charity has had to think outside the box so as the Chair of the Board of Governors, Lisa along with the Fundraising Team are planning a virtual event! This is where I come in. When Toni & Lisa approached me to help I was not only eager to support a silent auction by donating pieces of my artwork, I also knew that I could bring a number of my connections to the table to support this incredible charity.

But our partnership hasn’t ended there, as you can see the ladies have a big appreciation for my work so I have donated the image I call ‘Save Our Children’ (See ‘Other Artwork’ section for image) to raise awareness of child abuse & human trafficking.
We are using social media platforms with a goal of making this powerful image viral & overnight we have added printed t-shirts to our arsenal of weapons in fighting the evil that lives amongst us.

To order your t-shirt please contact Toni Riddick via her Facebook page. All profits raised through the sales from the apparel will be donated to worthy causes.

Our friendship has grown in a short space of time but it’s one that will continue to develop as we realise the opportunities that we can create as a team! I feel really privileged that I can help others through my artwork.