I’m sorry, you don’t look autistic!

I’m sorry, I just don’t get it!

I’m sorry, I forgot!

I’m sorry, no!

I’m sorry, we only cater for severely autistic individuals!

I’m sorry, I forgot!

I’m sorry, no, you don’t look autistic!

I’m sorry, I’m not having it that you are autistic!

I’m sorry, but you seem to function just fine! 

I’m sorry, I forgot!

I’m sorry, but we all have our problems – we can’t all be Divas! 

I’m sorry, I forgot!

I’m sorry, I didn’t think! 

I’m sorry, so you’re autistic because someone told you that you are?

I’m sorry, we cater for autistic children not adults!

I’m sorry, but I’ve known you for years and you’re not autistic!

I’m sorry, you’re just you to me, I don’t see all that other stuff! 

I’m sorry, I forgot! 

I’m sorry, you look normal!

I’m sorry, so are you still bipolar? 

I’m sorry, so why are you having PTSD therapy because you have gone through a late diagnosis?

I’m sorry, I forgot! 

I’m sorry, before I met you, I thought you would be really weird! 

I’m sorry, but there are worse cases than yours! 

I’m sorry, I do understand!

I’m sorry, it’s just you don’t look like them! 

I’m sorry, I’m always here to talk!

I’m sorry, but if you look at it like that, we’re all a little autistic! 

I’m sorry, I wouldn’t even class you as being autistic! 

Its ok, i understand you forget as i know your busy!! 

Its ok, i know people forget as its a lot to remember!

Its ok, i know your going through a lot, i hope your ok?

It’s ok, how would you know? 

It’s ok, i get that!

It’s ok, i know it’s confusing!

It’s ok, i know you understand!

It’s ok!

It’s ok, it’s because mask well, it’s not your fault! 

It’s ok! 

Actually, I don’t think you’re fucking sorry at all, because by definition,  you are not sorry!

Im sorry, but how sorry are you? 

Im sorry you feel the need to question my honesty!

I’m sorry, that Ive had to face countless hours of therapy which leave me mentally drained!

I’m sorry, but if I look ‘normal’ why would say I have a condition with such a negative stigma attached and draw attention to myself?

I’m sorry you don’t get it, it’s why I always try to explain best I can to make this a better more inclusive society, so maybe you could make the same effort?

I’m sorry, but how do you forget when I explain it to you all the time? Do you think I do it for fun?

I’m sorry,  but what does autistic look like? 

I’m sorry, but you tell me what autistic is, since you say I’m not!!

I’m sorry, you say I function just fine but ask yourself how much do you actually see or know about me OR my condition?

I’m sorry, you say you only cater for severely autistics? I’d say you’re part of the issue using comments like that as you know nothing of my condition!

I’m really sorry I’ve had to mask and struggle all these years and now I’m trying my best to be open and you are throwing that in my face!

Yes I’m autistic, as I went through hours upon hours of therapy before I was even assessed which led them to think I was autistic! Then going through the painstaking assessment process talking about personal issues which are hard to deal with and yes I got the diagnosis by professionals! I also understand my condition far greater now, and for the first time in my life I am starting to understand myself – and I am actively doing something about it! 

I’m sorry, what is normal? Are you normal? 

I’m sorry, so you know more about my condition than me? 

I’m sorry, doesn’t society preach to be yourself, yet when you fight to be it you are met with such ignorance?

I am sorry I have PTSD!

I’m sorry, you say you understand but have never heard the word neurodivergent?

I’m sorry that you have triggered a meltdown for me and now ruined my day!

I’m sorry, do you think I’d miss my son’s birthday or events for the fun of it or because I can’t be bothered to go?

I’m sorry, genuinely sorry that this is a daily battle..

I’m sorry, that what you take for granted, I have to fight for!

I’m sorry, that I’ve had to tell you so many times, I don’t need to speak to someone during a meltdown as it just makes it worse! 

I’m just sorry it’s the way it is..

I’m sorry, do you think that I enjoy explaining this to everyone day in day out or do you think I do it for attention – putting myself in awkward situations as a hobby? I explain to help you help me with my disability and to raise awareness so you can understand it better.

I’m sorry, sorry I missed out again due to you forgetting and triggering a meltdown! 

I’m sorry, for your ignorance!

I’m sorry, that I’m upset daily by ignorance, and that i am sat here having to write this out again in the hope that this time you listen!

I’m sorry, that i’m having to repeat myself, again and again! 

I’m sorry, that there is a long way to go! 

I’m sorry that reading this could make you feel embarrassed or insulted, and im sorry that if it does, this is probably aimed at you!