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As a society, we often view differences as something to be feared or avoided. However, the concept of neurodiversity challenges this perspective by celebrating the unique ways our brains work. Before delving into the quotes, we must first understand what we mean by...


If I could go back and tell the younger me anything “I probably wouldn’t say anything” #autismawarenessmonth

If I could go back and tell the younger me anything “I probably wouldn’t say anything” #autismawarenessmonth Without the suffering and struggling I wouldn’t be where I am today. I think I had enough issues dealing with racism to be adding the public stigma of autism...

A letter from my friend..

Dear Dez, April 2024 My journey to our friendship began on a railway station, during the Pandemic. Platform 2 at Manchester Oxford Road station to be exact, as we know, you prefer me to be exact! I was awaiting my train, when I noticed some wonderful art work on the...

Awards & Nominations

Over the past couple of years I have been nominated for numerous awards, six in all! These have included:  2022 This is Manchester Awards – Rising Star / Emerging Talent 2023 Genius Within – Neurodivergent Achiever of the Year 2023 Autism Hero Awards – Creative...

‘Going to the Movies’ Art Exhibition for the NSPCC

I’m proud to say that I was asked by my good friend Rachel at the NSPCC to be part of the upcoming my art ‘Going to the Movies’ an Art Exhibition for the NSPCC. This will take place at Three Little Words Cocktail Bar, Manchester City Centre on Tuesday 30th April from...

Supporting My Good Friend Maggie & Her Foundation..

The Maggie Oliver Foundation Fundraising Ball 2024 I met Maggie a couple of years ago through helping out with art donations for another charity and immediately we connected. Since then we have become good friends and she is someone I really admire for many reasons....

World Autism Acceptance Month 02.04.24

I am celebrating ‘National Autism Acceptance Month’ with a limited edition design in collaboration with Born Anxious raising funds for the amazing Anna Kennedy Online. I created the original piece of art in 2023 and donated it for auction to the AKO Autism Hero Awards...

Who’s More Sorry?

I'm sorry, you don’t look autistic! I’m sorry, I just don’t get it! I’m sorry, I forgot! I’m sorry, no! I’m sorry, we only cater for severely autistic individuals! I’m sorry, I forgot! I’m sorry, no, you don’t look autistic! I’m sorry, I’m not having it that you are...

Keep fighting for the right treatment 22.01.24

When people ask me why I have lost trust in the mental health care system and why I am adamant that significant changes are necessary, I can recount two decades' worth of heart-wrenching experiences that have left me feeling disillusioned and let down. From the moment...

Diary of an autistic adult: Adding disbelief to adversity 16.01.24

When I say ’I’m struggling’ in response to daily pleasantries, it's not a passing comment. It's a reflection of my battle with sensory overload, a part of the autistic condition that's clearly misunderstood and often overlooked. Sensory overload isn't just a term;...

The Need for Change: Challenging Doctors Outdated Approach to Autistic Patients 03.12.23

A doctor’s appointment can be a daunting time for anyone, but for individuals on the autism spectrum, it can be an even more overwhelming experience.  I recently acquired my medical records from my GP and it was triggering to say the least. It clearly highlights...


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