So it’s the end of 2021, & what a year it’s been! It’s certainly been a tough year for most people. 

I myself have found it very tough going through my diagnosis of autism & having a crash course in understanding that. I am now at the second stage of being diagnosed with ADHD which again is a very stressful process.

Understanding the neurodiverse world is something I’ve always lived in but never understood. Only now am I grasping why things are the way they are in my head & my thought process.

I feel lucky to finally have the medical support from my psychologist who has played a major part in explaining things to me. There is still a long way to go & I feel I have many more fights on my hands as my life coaching is only one aspect of the professional help I am getting. 

I talk about my medical condition in these blogs as they play a big part in my life & also impact my journey as a creative artist. 

Throughout the meltdowns & continuous struggles I have faced throughout 2021, creating art & focussing on art has got me through. I feel this is why I continue to put art out to the world through social media as it’s a positive channel & outlet for me. This is why I talk about my condition & Loveartpix like they are one & the same. Loveartpix exists because of my condition.

I have achieved so much this year with putting focus into my artwork. Back in August I created a blog in which I note down some of the things I have done in the 3 years of creating as Loveartpix; 

Since then I feel I have continued to progress & grow as an artist & as a person. 

With my artwork, I continue to improve & develop different techniques & styles, constantly trying new ideas. I now have a huge catalogue of artwork which I am very proud of. From time to time I will look back through them as I see the evolution of my creativity & skills. 

Looking back over my artwork is also like a timeline of my condition & my understanding of it. As I look back at certain pieces I am immediately transported to the intense emotion I felt when I was creating it. 

Art is such a powerful tool which I feel translates feelings & thoughts far greater than words can for so many people. On my social media when I upload an image I only put a title with it, whereas on my website I put a description. Creating a description can be very stressful as I want to articulate my words clearly so the reader understands exactly what I mean. This can take me hours on end & can also trigger my anxiety, mania & meltdowns so I have to pick the right time.

I have created some complex images in 2021 & some of the styles I have created I will continue to do going forward into the new year.

Some of the more prouder moments in the later half of the year would definitely be my art donations helping raise over 7k for two amazing charities. One of my pieces I donated went for 3k which makes me feel incredibly proud. I very feel privileged to be in a position where I can use my artwork to help others

Again, this year I have met some incredible people & built up some relationships with people which I know will continue to thrive & grow. I am learning bit by bit to unmask & speak openly about my condition which I think can only be a positive thing. The feedback & support I have received from some people has really helped me through this metamorphic stage in my life.

Moving forward into the new year, I have a number of projects completed which will be released in due time. One project in particular I am very excited about. It will be printed the biggest my artwork has been seen in public, & seen by millions of people in the years to come. 

I am hopeful for Loveartpix in 2022. I am also hopeful with getting to understand my neurodiverse condition more. 

I want to keep educating myself on my condition & sharing what I learn through my art & through my blogs. If I can keep helping people along this path then my journey is worthwhile & has meaning – something I’ve always struggled with understanding.

I understand I am having to process far more than I have ever done in the past & accept that some meltdowns could be catastrophic & switch everything. Nothing is certain (as recent years have shown us), but what is, is that I will keep fighting until I can fight no more.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me this past year, however big or small. I fully appreciate everyone who has had patience with me or tried to understand or listened to me – especially when I go on & obsess on a topic.

I have made the most of 2021 & will hopefully continue this into 2022. Positivity breeds positivity..

Wishing everyone the best for 2022