It’s Been a busy last few months of the year.

From HMP projects being planned, to nomination for Rising Star/Emerging Talent Award and attending the glamorous event at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester. I was also invited to attend the opening evening at Billington’s of Oldham and talks about future projects and an invite to the Thanksgiving private gathering at Hopwood Hall Manor.
Now, to finish off the year at the Maggie Oliver charity Gala at Hotel Football where my art donation went for £650 in the silent auction, and also the piece I donated to RMHC sold on auction which will help house a full family for a week when their child is seriously ill in hospital. To say I am burned out is an understatement!!

My first Award Nomination
Signing my Art at the Grand Opening of Billingtons
Thanksgiving at Hopwood Hall
Silent Auction at the Maggie Oliver Foundation Gala Event at Hotel Football

Obviously there is a good few weeks left of 2022 but I am in the process of learning how to cope with my condition better. Christmas time is meant to be a happy period but I feel that this isn’t always the case for people due to the pressures it brings. Myself, being very pattern focussed struggle with over stimulation (which leads to meltdowns) so I find it extremely overwhelming. I am trying to slow things down best I can as I know this really helps. 
In the past I would of drank straight through it just to cope, but now having my young sons birthday between Christmas and New Year only adds to the pressure and I want him to enjoy it the best he can.

This will be my final blog of 2022. I feel it has been a very busy year (at times extremely trying) but overall I have achieved a lot. I have said this in numerous blogs before but I feel each year I am projecting myself out there and overcoming more and more obstacles – one small step at a time

I Still have so far to go and I feel I am only on the first rung of the ladder of the goals I want to achieve. Understanding my condition and learning to cope with it better and hopefully share that with others – in the hope that it could help! I want to continue with my art (I wouldn’t know how to cope without it) and develop new skills and share them with the world and promote art therapy.

Knowing my diagnosis, has changed my life for the better. It is still far from all roses and very debilitating in lots of ways, but just understanding there is a reason for it makes a massive difference. There is a huge stigma around neurodivergent conditions and I think the only way forward is to keep shedding light on it in the hope that society will be more understanding in the future.
Art is a great tool to express your feelings to people when words sometimes don’t make sense. This is why I will continue to speak through my art and reach out to as many people as possible with it.

So much more to come in 2023..

Thank you for following my story. I wish everyone a happy festive season and all the best for 2023 

Loveartpix 💫