Today marks 3 years since I first posted on social media as Loveartpix & what a journey it has been. 

I have met so many amazing & inspiring people. People I would never have dreamed to have ever been in contact with without art.

Around the time I came up with the name I was also going through the start of my diagnosis of autism which I feel both journeys have been intertwined.

Hours on hours of therapy have been extremely hard & continue to be & often end in tears. I believe this is all part of the journey in understanding my condition & also becoming the best person I can be. Editing pictures is what I turn to, to help me get through. 

I have always been creative so was only natural that I turn to some form of creativity to help in my meltdowns & manic episodes. I’m lucky I have found art to give me so much focus & comfort which truly helps. I create all my art on my phone on a free app which literally has been a life saver. 

My artwork is far from perfect, but I continue to learn & experiment with new ideas every day. Art is a great way to express my thoughts & feelings & gives me a real outlet to channel my emotions – which can be extremely overwhelming at times. Creating art is not only something I do because I enjoy it, but it is as important to me as medicine to the sick. Without this outlet I don’t know how I would cope & I can’t remember what I did before it?

Being self-taught makes everything I do mean so much more. Some of the things I have achieved have been so humbling & I cannot express in words how much it means to me.

I love that I am able to help with charities by donating my artwork & help people who are struggling or less fortunate. The charities I am involved with have all been amazing & understanding. I am learning to be myself instead of masking my condition – which is still very misunderstood in society.

Art has opened up so many doors for me & it has been a rollercoaster so far. Obviously, my condition plays a major part in my life & now learning more about autism I feel I want to share that through my art & my platform I am creating. I have been asked to go into a couple of schools to teach pupils struggling with their mental health with my technique of creating art. Just to be asked is a great privilege & again very humbling.

I just want to thank everyone who has played a part in helping me over the past 3 years. The new friends I have met & the people who have supported & continue to support me with messages, comments, likes & shares. You are all very much appreciated.

Hopefully my best achievements are yet to come & I can help make a difference with my artwork & promoting art therapy.