I wanted to create a blog which was a reminder to myself of how far I have come in such a short space of time (under 3 years). 

In no particular order

  • My Manchester ‘Bees about town’ collection going up at Oxford Road train station
  • Asked by Northern Rail to create a piece of artwork in memory of the 22 people who lost there lives in the Manchester bombing. The artwork is now up in Victoria Station as part of the memorial.
  • The Queen seeing my artwork at Victoria station on her visit to Manchester.
  • Being offered to teach artwork one to one at a new school in Ashton – also to create artwork for school launch.
  • Being on BBC radio Manchester talking about my artwork & mental health
  • The High Sherif of Manchester asking me to go on his radio spot in 2020.
  • Creating a t-shirt design to help raise money for the hospitality sector in Manchester for a live event.
  • My Manchester bee artwork being sent to Dallas, Texas
  • Donating artwork to both Ronald McDonald House & NSPCC to help raise monies for both great charities
  • Becoming an advocate for the NSPCC charity 
  • Doing my first art exhibition at Barrow and Furness and meeting the Mayor who had a photo with my artwork.
  • Created a personalised image to be presented to Rhys Williams who suffers with a rare skin disorder on his Birthday
  • Meeting Lyn Rigby and creating a personal piece of artwork for her and her family which was presented to her by Andy Burnham, Mayor of Manchester
  • Designing a football crest/badge for a local football team which promotes talking about mental health in men (my logo is on the kit) 
  • Having a piece of artwork featured on the Maggie Oliver foundation website talking about mental Heath and promoting art therapy
  • My artwork going up at the gate line at Blackpoolstation (entrance and exit) 
  • Designed a logo for a new charity in memory of Cole Kershaw who was tragically murdered who’s aim is to help promote ‘gloves up, knives down’ 
  • Created a piece of art in tribute to Lee Rigbywhich is on the front of The Gardeners Arms pub in my local town
  • My artwork was used in a primary school by a teacher who’s aim was to promote thinking outside the box for the pupils
  • I created artwork what went onto T-shirts which was used to help promote awareness for child trafficking
  • Donated artwork to Oldham Hospital & NMGHto thank them for there hard work at the start of the pandemic – now on display on the wards
  • Being asked by The Community Rail Partnership to create a piece of artwork to celebrate 175 years of Furness railway & Lake lines. The artwork will be going on numerous stations from Manchester & all through Cumbria
  • My tribute artwork to war hero Harry Billingegoing up (life size) in World famous Manchester pub ‘The Nags Head’
  • My artwork being mentioned in numerous publications including a 2 page feature in a local hometown magazine.

Being self-taught I feel I have achieved so much & I hope I can inspire others who also have similar diagnoses. 

Art continues to have such a positive impact in my life. Digitally editing images has given me an outlet and focus during meltdowns & acts as a distraction & go to place.