When I started to create art 4 years ago on my phone it was to help me cope with my complex condition as I found it helped give me focus and express myself through creativity. I have been promoting the use of art therapy ever since.

To be told that someone has chosen to study you for their final GCSE Art exam is something that doesn’t happen every day. To know my art has such an impact on a person gives me such a proud feeling and a sense of accomplishment – something money can’t buy!

Jamie-Leigh is 16 years old and was diagnosed as autistic in 2022. I have met JL a handful of times and knew about the diagnosis as her mum Kealey is a family friend.

Kealey messaged me in 2022 and said that JL was going to choose me as her selected artist for her exam to which I was blown away.

For the exam, JL had to present a short study on the artist and then create a final piece of art in the artist’s style for the exam on the theme ‘layers’. 

“I chose loveartpix because I can relate to his work as someone who is also autistic. I also like the fact that his work is individual to everyone who sees it” – JL

Prior to the exam both Kealey and JL came to my house to speak about the project and for me to answer a few questions about myself as an artist and how I create my art. It was very flattering to have been chosen to be studied when there are so many other amazing artists out there, I can’t explain how proud I am.

A day or two after they visited, Kealey messaged me JL’s research study page on me which looked stunning. Even though JL never wrote anything down when she visited she had clearly been listening as she had quoted me on her creative study sheet – which I thought was great.

Kealey also sent me a photo of JL’s final piece which she had created in the same style as me where you can clearly see my influence and style. I have had a copy of her art printed onto glass and framed with added resin in true ‘Loveartpix’ fashion for her to keep as I wanted to give her a present to show her how pleased I was.

JL has finished her exam now and from what I have seen, I’m sure she has smashed it. 

Speaking with JL, it was very clear to me that we shared similar autistic traits and I related to so many things she said that affected her in life, in particularly school. I speak with many neurodivergents all the time via social media from all around the world but rarely in person which was a relatively new experience for me.

Jamie Leigh is a super talented Young ambitious lady. I know that getting where she is now hasn’t been easy and JL still struggles. Kealey has said that the lack of support and understanding from schools hasn’t helped either. Moving forward I am confident that the next stage in JL’s life will be a positive one. To finally have her diagnosis and start to understand her condition with her family to help and support her, I’m sure whatever she chooses to do she will conquer.

I’m super proud to play a small part in your journey Jamie Leigh 💫