It was great to be asked for my artistic input on the brand new local Manchester team Milltown FC. Although I have never designed a Football Crest I was really interested in the challenge especially knowing what the football clubs main goals was & what they stand for. The level of professionalism by all the team has been great & shines in how much they have achieved already. I am really looking forward to seeing what is install for Milltown FC in the future & with them promoting mens mental health they completely have my backing.

Please take a moment to read a bit about the background to Milltown FC below..

Introduction into Milltown FC.
Our journey so far!
Milltown FC has been created with the community at heart, starting with the club’s name. We have tried to create something with meaning and value. Since Middleton used to be on old mill town it was quite fitting to name the club Milltown FC.
At the beginning of January 2021, we were so early in any form of thought process. To say where we are now is truly amazing and down to the talents & creativity of some special people.
With the club crest, we wanted to pay heritage to that Milltown ethos and in doing so we partnered with LoveArtPix to bring this vision to life. It is safe to say he has done just that and we are extremely impressed with his work.
All symbols within the crest have meaning; from the ship canal (top left), to the Jenny wheel (top right), the Manchester Bee (bottom left) and the unity handshake (bottom right). These key icons all play a part in bringing to life that Middleton working culture. Finally, to add to the unity ethos we added the Tudor Rose which brought unity between the Yorkshire and Lancashire Roses. This represents the mentality of equality & unity we have in both our club and on this venture.
By the middle of January 2021, we began working on the kit design, again wanting to keep things local, we partnered with Hope and Glory sportswear to help create the club brand. They haven’t failed to impress us with 2 amazing kit designs.
Weeks later and without any club promotion, we are extremely proud to say we have sponsors on board in the form of AndysManClub and Lavandi Talent. Thanks to them, the club vision is now coming to life.
We are proud to have AndysManClub on board as a sponsor, we are supporting mental health awareness #ITSOKAYTOTALK. We also have the pleasure of having Loveartpix, with his passion for breaking the stigma around mental health and being a strong advocate for the NSPCC. This outlines how important mental health awareness if to us as a club.
We are extremely proud how far we have come in such a short space of time and are looking forward to a bright future!
Again special thanks to :

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