It’s great to be nominated for any type of award, for my art or for what I achieve as an artist – especially for what I have accomplished in such a relatively short time.

Genius Within CIC is a social enterprise established by Professor Nancy Doyle in 2011 to help neurominorities unlock their talents, whilst acknowledging and celebrating that this diversity forms part of the rich tapestry of human experience.

To be nominated for Neurodivergent Achiever of the Year is a massive privilege. I received the email to confirm this on my birthday to which was a great surprise. 

I later found out that I was in the final with the likes of Lewis Capaldi and Professor Jason Arday to name but a few. To be up against so many professionals and academics (when I have no academic background whatsoever) makes this nomination very special to me.

I received an email last week confirming that I hadn’t been chosen as the winner. I wasn’t surprised by this considering the level of the amazing people I was up against. 

I feel like a winner already to have had the things I have achieved be recognised and compared to such high-caliber nominees. 

All the goals and accomplishments over the last 4 years, I have achieved off my own back through donating and wanting to help others. I want to thank Genius Within for acknowledging me and considering me for such an amazing award.

To everyone who was nominated, I just want to say a huge congratulations to you all, you are all winners! Keep pushing boundaries and making society a more inclusive better place for all.