One of my favourite projects to date by far is my new Pop art sticker Around the World Project.

I first came up with the concept after messaging back & fourth with my cousin who lives in ManhattanAngelo Blanda who is an established Artist. He has created some amazing pop art style images which he has converted into stickers & gets amazing shots of them around the his city.

I like to try new styles all the time and I haven’t really pushed the pop art style so wanted to convert one of my images in this way. I chose a side profile image to edit as I thought it fit the simplistic style – which I could convert to sticker format also. 

My original idea was to get some cool photos of my sticker around Manchester in some iconic locations (another Manchester project to promote my great city). I then had the idea to get them in iconic places around the world & reach out to others I connect with from all over on social media to be involved.

Ben Nevis

All art should inspire & evoke emotion. Art should be something you can actually feel.” Tim Yanke

Over the past 3 years of creating artwork I have had great support from different people from all corners of the globe via social media. I decided this would be a great way to get others involved & make this an inclusive project

The Project & End Goal

To involve friends, & people I have met on my artistic journey to get creative using my popart sticker in iconic locations/landmarks or just in an expressive way. To create either small clips or take photos with their phone & then send them back to me.

At my first Exhibition i will be creating a reel of all the clips/images collated & showcase them in a creative manner. 

Each person who has taken part will have their name featured in this part of the Exhibitionunless requested otherwise.

To Take Part

  1. Drop me a message expressing interest.
  2. Send me your Address & i will post out stickers.
  3. On receipt, get creative (small video clips/photos) involving the sticker.
  4. Send your finished clip/photo 

If you know of anyone who maybe interested in taking part in this please send them my details. I have had a great response to this project & would like to thank everyone who has been involved so far. 

Creativity in London

“Art is too important not to share.” Romero Britto

Locations reached so far – Ben Nevis, Canada, Niagara Falls, Spain, Flamingo Land, Rome, London, Arizona, Manhattan, Poland, Cork, Vegas, New York, Manchester, Mexico, Iceland, Amsterdam, Venice, Brooklyn, Barcelona, Ibiza and more..

It’s more than just Art.. 

Note: Please remember to remove stickers from where ever you decide to place them so not to get in trouble.