Good vs Evil

Stop the world I want to get off..

This image I created to show the mental struggle i go through when my mind is in a manic state & the fight to understand logic is literally a war. My vision gets blurry, my thoughts race with no pattern or reason, sound becomes more intense & just a real feeling of dread & confusion.

During these episodes the best way I cope is to isolate myself & my senses as they become heightened & overwhelmed. This is one of the only coping strategies I have learned that works in all the years of going through it. Taking my prescribed medication of diazepam takes the slight edge off the mania, so this combined with isolation helps best. These episodes can last for hours & it isn’t very pleasant.

Eventually this will slow down & the feeling of mental & physical exhaustion takes over. There is nothing that I can compare these episodes to, to explain them better which is quite frustrating as people can find it hard to relate without the correct words.


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January 6, 2021

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