The Midas Couple

Simple yet effective design..

Gold/Glitter and black resin with added gold leaf really bring these images to life. Ive added a short video to try to show the way they sparkle and glisten under differently with movement and light – something photos never pick up. Not only do the glass prints reflect and look different from each angle, but the rustic style in which the gold leaf is applied does the same. This adds to the layers of the print giving each one a different look depending on where they are positioned and how the light is arranged in the room

These pictures have really been a game changer to the way I will explore new and unique designs. As an artist you know when you have upped your game and it is very rewarding from a creative aspect and spurs you on.

To see the designs from the original form to the final look always pleases me

The original core pictures before the magic

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February 8, 2022

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