Think Differently

This abstract self portrait reflects the different aspect of how I feel I see things.
The eyeball on the planet overviewing from a different perspective. Time in the background as a clock comes up in a lot of my art pieces as it is something that I have a great fear it of due to the lack of concept of it and it’s enormousness – a bit like I have for the sea due to its unknown depth, it’s always scared me.
The eye in front of the swirling clock also represents that I have only just started to understand my condition and see the reasons for the way I am.


X I P T R A E V O LLoveartpix backwards, To represent seeing things from a different point of view.

When I was in Primary School, the teacher said to the class to write back what she had wrote on the board. My mum was called in as they was all speaking about it in the staff room and I had written it all back to front. When the teacher put a mirror to the page the writing was perfect.
This was way before I was diagnosed Autistic but I feel an early school indicator and showing that I process things differently.


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January 5, 2023

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