It was great to have been asked by the head of the new Safestart School in Ashton to create some artwork which represents the school. 

The school already has my Manchester ‘Bees About Town’ collection dotted around on the walls so was great to design a new piece to inspire the students. 

The special launch was held at the school yesterday (Thursday 21st October) with the students showing the visitors private tours around the building. Invites included local Mayor & with a presentation from Carol (Head teacher) followed by the unveiling of my artwork. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it due to a meltdown the night before which was upsetting, but it’s part of my condition.

The artwork will be going up in the reception of the school & i am hoping will be a centre piece & inspire the students for years to come.

Carol has asked if I can come into the school & teach some of the pupils my unique style of creating art. This will be on a 1-2-1 basis, I am already putting into place a programme which I hope the pupils will enjoy but will also be able to use as a life tool as I do. I will also have the backing from Northern Rail for something new – but I will reveal more at a later date.

Some of the pupils have complex conditions like myself, so I am hoping that my simple technique of creating art will help them as it does me.

I’m wishing Safestart School all the best for the future & after meeting the staff I’m sure that they will make a huge impact on so many lives. I’m sure that my relationship will grow with Safestart & everything I learn (with regards to art therapy) I can share & implement it with the staff & students.

W.ise I.nitiative S.ucess E.mpathy

For more information on Safe Start School please follow the link

Ready for the unveiling..
The artwork..
Signed pictures ready for the gift bags..
The unveiling..
Art revealed..