Now the launch of my collaboration with Born Anxious is Live, I wanted to do a short blog on a bit of the background story.

I met Kellie after seeing the Harvey Price collaboration range with Born Anxious on Instagram. I then decided to create an image in relation to this – again this is how art has a way of connecting people. I sent the picture to Kellie and that’s how our relationship started.

For more information on Born Anxious and its powerful back story please check out this link

Kellie has been very supportive of me in my journey and helped me understand things I’ve questioned or not been too certain about. She mentioned a collaboration between Loveartpix and Born Anxious last year and I was so pleased at the opportunity.

I wanted to come up with an idea that had personal meaning to me which I do with all my big art projects. The background behind the back to front THINK DIFFERENTLY comes from an incident when I was a child in primary school. As a class, we were asked to ‘write back’ what the teacher had written on the board. I took this to mean write it backward and wrote everything back to front. My mum was called into school and they said that I had written perfect mirror writing and all the teachers were speaking about it in the staff room.

I feel this is a perfect example of processing things differently – especially if things are not explained in a certain way. So That’s where the THINK DIFFERENTLY idea was born. I think this design actually makes you use your brain a little more and even do a double-take to process it. The hashtag under it reads #autismunderstanding I would have usually written it the other way around but I also wanted that to slightly stand out also.

For people to accept something that is deemed as different they first need to understand it. I’m hoping this design will make people think about the words and in turn, speak about the topic and educate themselves on it.

I am very happy to have had the chance to collaborate with Born Anxious and that a percentage of the sales goes to support the Anna Kennedy Online Charity

To get hold of one of these designs, please click the link and show your support