Giving is often overlooked, but it holds immense power to bring joy and positivity to both the giver and the receiver. It’s a beautiful reminder that even the smallest act of kindness can make a big impact on someone’s day and ultimately, their life. And from personal experience, I know the positive impact it has on the giver is just as profound. It brings a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness that cannot be found elsewhere. It’s a reminder that we all have the power to make a difference in the world, no matter how small the gesture may seem.

Donating artwork to different charities has been a big part of my journey as an artist so far and part of my personal ethos. I create art to help regulate and express my feelings daily as a coping mechanism and also when my senses become overwhelming. Art has connected me to my emotions and feelings but also to so many other people and with such a positive impact that it’s hard not to share with intentions to do more good.

This is my fourth year of creating art as loveartpix and as an artist. To be asked by Rachel and Andy at the NSPCC Manchester to take part in their first Art Exhibition was very humbling – especially with the calibre of the other artists taking place. 

The event was held at Three Little Words which is a stunning quirky modern Gin bar in central Manchester. Myself and 26 of some of the North West’s best artists had to get creative on the theme ‘Home’ and what it meant to each artist. Each piece of art would be a 50/50 split with half of the sale going to the artist and the other half to the NSPCC.

I myself decided that I wanted to focus on the city of ‘Manchester’ I call home and some of the amazing talent and creative minds that have come from our ‘Hometown’. I wanted to create a picture with a modern pop-art style that was very colourful and so that I could add some extra bright coloured resin to it. 

The exhibition was such a great night. There were some super creative pieces of art of all kinds and I was really proud to have my art amongst them. Everybody who attended was really friendly and it was great to network and speak to so many interesting people with different backgrounds. The event organisers, the venue staff, the (world famous) DJs, the artists, and the guests all had a great positive energy about them.

Being filmed for a documentary about my story by the Media Production Company Eklectics, I also had a camera guy with me. Jon, who was doing the filming got some great footage and interviews and also created a short reel for the event.

The event was such a success and raised £6,172 for an amazing charity as well as promoting local artists and putting on a memorable night. I’m very happy to say that my first art piece at an exhibition sold. 

A massive congratulations to Rachel and Andy for putting the time and effort into this event and I can’t wait till the next one. 

Here are some examples of where the NSPCC carries out vital work in the northwest;

  • Operates the Childline Service from its two Bases in Liverpool and Salford
  • Operates the NSPCC Helpline in Salford. Here, adults that have concerns about a child can speak to professionals confidentially either by phone on 0808 800 5000 or by email
  • Operates Therapeutic Services from the Liverpool Hub.
  • Run the Speak Out Stay Safe safeguarding programme for children from 5 to 11 years of age in all Primary Schools across the Region.