I met Maggie during the first lockdown on a Skype meeting with regards to my artwork & how art therapy helps me. We spoke about how I create artwork may also be able to help survivors who are involved with The Maggie Oliver Foundation.

One particular piece I have created is very complex & visually describes trauma, Maggie has put this on the website for TMOF with its description & abit about myself. See link to blog http://loveartpix.co.uk/art-therapy-blog-15-02-21/

I love what Maggie is about & what she stands for so I was more than happy to donate a piece of my artwork to her ‘Pain into Power’ Gala Event at the end of November which has a silent auction.

The event was held at Hotel Football, opposite Manchester United’s world famous Old Trafford football ground in Manchester. I felt it only fitting to donate a new piece of artwork I had created featuring Man Utd’s own Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Room was beautifully decorated & arranged with each table seating 10. The staff at Hotel Football were all brilliant & did there best to cater for everyone who attended. Myself & my partner was seated with some great people which made me feel a lot more comfortable.

My artwork in the silent auction brochure had a minimum bid of £250 – but estimated price £950. There was lots of different artwork/signed pictures etc on display in the bar area & arranged around the entrance of the room which looked great. 

I couldn’t see my artwork anywhere so I asked the auctioneer where it was. I was told that someone had been in during the day whilst the event was being set up, & had bought it for more than double the estimated price! I was taken back & really ‘chuft’ that my artwork had been snapped up in that manner & raised so much.

I feel really privileged to have been invited to such a great event & to meet Maggie & her amazing team. To hear Kelly, one of the survivors stories at the start of the night was very powerful & impacting. The Maggie Oliver foundation is such a great cause & I know it will grow from strength to strength helping & changing lives. I’m very pleased that my artwork can help with the funding of yet again another very special cause.

The ‘Pain into Power’ night was a great success which helped raise a lot of money to help with the foundation, & It was an honour to be part of it. 

Going forward into 2022 I hope I can continue to contribute to TMOF & I feel proud to now be part of this outstanding group of people.

If you want to know more about The Maggie Oliver Foundation please click on the link https://www.themaggieoliverfoundation.com/

*Blog photo taken by Jennifer Hilton Photography*

LOT 53 Auction Brochure..
The stage is set at Hotel Football..
Some of the great donations on auction – I was a bit gutted my artwork didn’t get to do the rounds but still over the moon it was snapped up..
VIVA RONALDO artwork printed on glass with added resin.. *Full image in Gallery*
The party getting started. A great night for a great cause..